Frequently Asked Questions 


How much does it cost to put a slab on the ground?
Costs vary depending on engineering, site conditions or personal requirements so it is difficult to take a 'one price suits all' approach.  Requests for quotes can be either faxed or emailled to us and usually a quote will be supplied within 48 hours.  If a quote can not be supplied from the information provided, the client will be contacted and the issues will be discussed.

Is the price quoted a fixed price?
Usually the prices we provide are fixed prices.  However, if we envisage that there could be 'extra cost items' we would discuss this with you either, at the time of quoting the job, prior to commencement of the job or immediately that the situation arises.

Since you are here would you mind doing ... ... ... for me?
If there is something extra you would like done please don't hesitate to ask.  We are only too happy to discuss.

Can I see some of your previous work?
We can refer you to some of our previous job sites, as required.


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